Be WELCOMED into the community

People fear the unknown, and it's only natural they fight against change. Many of the concerns are real and justified. Cardoza Associates, Inc. along with associate Jack Doo, a veteran real estate journalist, pro-actively respond to these concerns and positively explain away, in simple, easy to understand terms, these unknowns. With years of hands-on experience in real estate and development, Cardoza Associates , Inc. use a planned release of communications to answer opposition questions before they are asked. The developer's message is factual and highlights project benefits, each supported by solid, attributed facts.

Cardoza Associates, Inc. is well versed in the intricacies of taking property from raw land to a finished subdivision. Each project is customized for individual communities allowing for that community's unique demographics, culture and history. The goal of every Cardoza Associates, Inc. project is to merge the interests of the community, media and government together. The combination then becomes a community partnership, with each partner working toward a common good. Such a community partner ship eliminates controversy and surprises with the project. When all concerned are accurately informed and have contributed their wants and desires, they have ownership in the project and then work hard to move it forward. The key is to be honest with the public, open and available to the media and show no bias toward public officials and agencies.

It is recognized at Cardoza Associates, Inc., input from the community is vital in getting the community behind any development. Feedback from the community and its concerns and ideas need to be included in the earliest stages. Cardoza Associates, Inc. believes it is wiser to make neighbors part of the solution and not the problem. In the case special-interest or activist groups surface against the development, Cardoza Associates, Inc. has proven techniques to educate and show the community the benefits of the projects, refute false claims and state the true facts. Such techniques include coordinating letters-to-the-editor campaigns, opinion page articles, and newspaper and radio advertisements.

A team with extensive daily newspaper experience and credibility built from years of representing major clients that include Foster Farms Dairy, County Bank, Cricket Comfortable Wireless, AT&T Broadband and Krispy Kreme, assures Cardoza Associates, Inc. clients are well represented in the news media. At the same time, local media is very aware of the knowledgeable Cardoza Associates, Inc. staff and is very aware their articles must be "fair and balanced."

Cardoza Associates, Inc. is the No.1 choice for businesses seeking "one-stop service" for all its Public Relations, Media Relations and Marketing needs. Cardoza Associates, Inc. assures a smooth journey from the first meeting to the final project by putting together a total package that not only targets the community, media and governmental agencies, but the rapidly growing Hispanic market as well.

Elected officials have the tough job of seeking new developments to enhance tax-based income for community services like police and fire departments. At the same time, they also must answer to their constituents who fear the unknown, growth and any kind of change. Cardoza Associates, Inc. makes it clear to officials and staff the development should be supported by stressing its benefits. Benefits supported by facts and logic. Any questions or potential problems are addressed immediately.

It is no secret that Hispanics have become major consumers and opinion leaders. Numbers recently released by the Census largest minority population - 37 million strong and counting.

Latino purchasing power in this country is rising almost three times faster than that of the general population. U.S. Hispanics today represent the fifth-largest Spanish-speaking population in the world. Together they form the Spanish- speaking world's third- largest economy, after Mexico and Spain