Cardoza Associates, Inc. for more than a decade has demonstrated enthusiasm and expertise in grassroots public outreach and community involvement by utilizing a proven system in assembling and analyzing public comments.

Our goal is to help clients facilitate the exchange of ideas and perceptions so that projects combine good planning and engineering practices, efficient use of resources, and thoughtful consideration of community stakeholder interests.

We understand input from the community is essential in rallying public support for any new project. Whether it's an expansion, proposed fee or tax increase, a new shopping center, proposing a business park, annexing property into the city, or selecting the location for a retail distribution center, Cardoza Associates, Inc. makes public involvement a positive experience for all parties involved. All facets of the public process are conducted with the highest level of trust, integrity and respect. Once outside stakeholders have "ownership" in the project, they participate as partners and not adversaries.


  • Development of public involvement plans
  • Development of communication strategies
  • Communication materials
  • Task force and citizen committee management
  • Public meeting facilitation
  • Community opinion leader and elected official briefings
  • Crisis management
  • Focus group moderation
  • Communications and Media Consultation
  • Market research, focus groups and surveys
  • Media and public awareness campaigns
  • Special event planning and marketing

The previously mentioned communication services can be designed effectively to reach the Hispanic community as well. Given California's increasingly large Hispanic population, we feel directly connecting with this segment is vital to ensure a successful community involvement campaign. Cardoza Associates, Inc. along with Hispanic public relations expert Virginia Madueño of Imagen, have partnered over the last decade to develop successful community involvement programs the Hispanic community can relate to.

It's simple. We love what we do, and we're good at it. Let Cardoza Associates, Inc. show you how effective its grassroots public outreach tactics are for making the community and stakeholders part of the solution and not the problem.